Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Children's Play Gallery

Mike, Hudson, and I headed out to the Children's Play Gallery in Delafield on Tuesday of our Winter Break. It was a really fun place for Hudson to play and explore! He loved the big-kid activities like going down the slide, playing in the ball pit, and looking at the "animals".

Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow Bunnies

Olivia loves the snow. She is always the first one out and the last one in when we finally get a good snow fall. It blows my mind because it felt like just yesterday that she was too little to stay out for long hours with Genavieve and Mike building snow forts, so she'd come in to have hot cocoa with me. Now, she's the big sister and my little man is the one heading in for a warm cuddle.

Hudson's First Christmas!!!

What a fun time we had celebrating the holiday with loved ones! On Christmas Eve, Mike, Hudson and I each opened one present and had a lovely dinner together. Then, we all woke up bright and early (no alarm clock needed!) on Christmas morning (G&O too!) to lots of presents under the tree! We spent the middle of the day at Tom & Chip's (Genavieve made her first appearance as Santa!) and then traveled down to Mom & Dad's for the evening. It was so fun experiencing it with Hudson...who was a very good boy through all of the festivities!

Daddy's Helper

Saturday, October 30, 2010


WOW...has it been so long since I last posted?
Since going back to school, the days fly by so quickly that I've been doing a terrible job of keeping up with the blog. (Probably not a big surprise to those that know me well!) However, now even my husband is wondering when it will be updated! SOON!!!

Here are some updates to hold you over -
Hudson is crawling, standing along furniture and beginning to take a few steps (ie...walking along the coffee table), hamming it up with "So Big", and eating three meals a day. His first tooth also broke through just the other day - which meant some very sleepless nights for mommy and daddy - so bad that we stopped in to have the doctor check him out and sure enough, there was a bit of an ear infection in there as well. I'd have a hard time sleeping, too! So, we got him some medicine and now he's sleeping like a champ (knock on wood)!

Genavieve and Olivia just had parent-teacher conferences and we're so proud they are both doing so well. Genavieve just finished up her cross country season and went to her first middle school dance with friends. Olivia begins volleyball in two weeks.

Photos will be here soon! I promise... :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sara Ann's Bridal Shower

Sara Ann and Tim are getting married in September, so Kim and Kelly hosted a lovely Bridal luncheon for Sara on July 31. Hudson and Jax got a chance to hang out - Hudson just could not get enough of Jax's beautiful hair!!! Here's Hudson all dressed up with his beautiful sisters!

Little Caged Animal

Isn't it just the best when they wake up happy and are so excited to see you?!? This time, I couldn't resist a picture of how cute he looked behind the bars!